‘Ello ‘ello!

For some reason you are still here even after that introduction and have decided to continue reading perhaps out of kindness, sympathy or possibly to poke the piss. This is all fine and dandy though because right now my necessity is going to be writing material and within my personality there is positivity, negativity and ‘on the fence’ behaviour that is a part of the package. I’ve decided to prepare myself with writing as a daily occurrence (high hopes) with also having desires that my natural flare for creativity will spark back into shape.

For starters, I am going to concentrate on very short stories and then I might even pop in a poem if you’re lucky/unlucky.

Anyone who does bother to follow my posts or read my content, I am more than happy to do the same in return. All I ask is that you leave a comment and help me on my journey with writing!


Kerri Watt.