Deceptive Dust


I have been engulfed by these deep sensations,

Trickling through my soul like a meditation,

Where have the sane ones vanished,

Under a rock – no, yet a different planet.

Will I ever speak much sense?

To those who feel the worth and those who repent

For miseries yet to feel,

I will cherish the moments that I realise were real.


Never yet shall I fall,

Only to appear softly on clouds to whisper

“My mind hath never rested, and now I lull”.


Calm my soul and my brain like a deep sea yet to claim

I will stand on this earth and take what is mine,

For the night is near and so shall we.

Although I stand my soul shall flea,

I cry ‘atop the mountain peak,

“Where O where shall I appear? God above I hold you so dear.

Yet could it be us, your creations, that you fear?

Come, please, come! Show me that you are tangible

And I will fall to your grace and make myself untangled.”


Waiting for something that compares to air.

Not evident to the eye but there to the skin,

Never will I witness your touch or your caress,

I will choose to stay in total bliss.


7 thoughts on “Deceptive Dust

  1. Hey,

    I just read your poem, I am delighted to read poetry in a blog, that’s giving me inspiration to put up some of my own poems! Well done on sharing your gift!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Joan,
      Thanks so much that really drives me to get cracking on the next one. I’m really excited to be following each others work.
      Looking forward to reading some more of your material too!


      1. Go for it, Kerri! This chat gave me a real boost to to see how we can get the ball rolling! I will follow up on your articles too! The best of luck in the future!
        All the best,

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice!! It’s one of those deep read poems where I feel I totally miss the depth of the concept yet it is delightful to read and very, very poignant! I’ll have to keep reading it a few times for me to better understand it, but what a wonderful act that shall be! 🙂

    Nice work!


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