The feeling of falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you reminds me of chipping a bone in your foot. Each time you take a step towards it, the pain travels through each nerve ending throughout your body and yet you feel you need to do it to move closer. It reminds me of having poor vision and walking around without my glasses. Everything is blurry yet you’re completely hopeful in trusting your instincts to push forward. It reminds me of feeling sick to your stomach but not being allowed the release of vomiting. Instead, your own brain tricks you into honestly believing that you can somehow convince the other person that you are worthy and failing each and every time.

You see, loving someone who doesn’t love you only reminds me of falling high from the sky in your deepest dreams. The clouds of every possibility you have imagined together are only transparent droplets that belong to the intangible. The heart makes its own sense, it can’t be trusted. The brain whispers of convincing stories that won’t happen, it can’t be trusted. Love suffocates all chances of reason to make rational decisions. Close your eyes and take the journey of carnage.



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