Liebster Award



Well, to say I am surprised is an understatment! I am extremely new to WordPress and being nominated for any kind of award is such a cheek warmer. Since I only have two posts actually up and published onto WordPress, it’s crazy to think anyone at all is reading them. It gives me the goosebumps to read and create blogs as I’ve recently discovered. I have also found that I have cut down on my book binge because I’m now reading a heap of WordPress blogs. The originality is outstanding! Thank you to Unbroken Reverie for nominating me – you can find her breathtaking blogs here on Make sure you follow her and get lost in her head!




The rules tell me I have to answer 11 questions about myself.

  1. What song do you most connect with on a personal level?

I mean wow, what a bloody tough question. I am an avid Nirvana fan since I stumbled onto the emo scene when I was about thirteen. Now, being twenty-one, I definitely still have a bit of that moody self, lingering around my inner core. I’m going to say I connect with ‘No Apologies’ by Nirvana or even ‘About A Girl’. There are so many grungy grumpy songs that I could list to you but I’ll save you the spiel for another time…You’re lucky!

2. Avengers or X-men.

I think this could be the easiest question to answer out of this whole list. X-men til I die. I have had a lucid dream where I was Mystic before and I will never forget it. My boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see the most recent one ‘Apocalypse’ and I wet myself with how amazing it was. The story line, the graphics the choice of actors – gah!

3. Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

Not a huge advocate for the Avengers team but I’m going to go with Iron Man. To be compltely fair though, I haven’t truly seen much stuff from Captain America. I love the Iron Man films though I could be biased since I fancy the pants off Robert Downey Jr.

4. What is one dream you’ve always had?

Dreams are dodgey territory for me since I always have the strangest, life scarring ones. I had a nightmare last night that will stay with me, prepare yourself, you’ve been warned! Me and my friends were all about the size of a thumbnail and got captured by a normal sized person trying to eat us (talk about Attack on Titan). Anyway, me and my tiny mates started to stab and slit this persons throat in such a horrific manner it scared me sooo much that I woke up. I honestly don’t know where it came from or what it could possibly mean but it scared the bejaysus out of me!

5. Favourite quote you’ve heard and why?

Okay so I have two favourite quotes. One that has stuck with me is a line from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ by Hunter S.Thompson. “Too rare to live, too weird to die” was actually a quote I was going to tattooed on myself until I realised how strange and quite narcissistic it comes across. Baring in mind that I was about 16 when I thought this was a major mile stone in my life to hear this one quote.  The second is by a poet called Percy Bysshe Shelley who I have recently come to adore this past year. “The more we study the more we discover our ignorance” is such an accurate experience we go through the older we get. When we open our minds to other opinions and other techniques, we learn so much about ourselves and others. Leaving behind our old self to create a new, with bountiful amounts of new information and learning curves. Check out Percy Shelley by the way, he was a genius!

6. If you were famous, what would you most likely be famous about?

I am crazy into Mixed Martial Arts and will definitely try my hardest to get limelight with it. I have been in the sport since I was five years old starting with Tae Kwon Do. I then started Kickboxing at the age of eight and I fell head over heels with the sport. I won my title of European champion in 2007 and World Champion in the same year. Since then I’ve trained in many clubs in Ireland that being Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve also trained in England for a summer which was brilliant as I learned loads of different methods and styles.

7. What is the one thing that can make you happy on a bad day?

Back to number 6. When I’m having a crappy day I like to vent with style. Hitting a punching bag and sweating until I am fatigued is a great way to relive stress. Plus the dopamine levels are increased and you’re left from having a bad day to a happy day.

8. One thing that motivates you to do better?

There are many things that motivate me to do better. My friends, my family and people I look up to in the spot light. When my friends are achieving their goals it really pushes me on to do what I must. My friend Shannon is currently in America teaching kids football all whilst travelling the country which I think takes such confidence to do. My mum works so hard minding my whole family making sure we are all safe and healthy, her caring nature really inspires me to nurture others and appreciate. There are also many people out there that inspire me like Ronda Rousey, Connor Mc Gregor, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Malala Yousafzi among many others

9. Who is one person you’ve always looked up to?

I’ve never really looked up to anyone as opposed to being influenced to them. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that looking up to anyone never ends well. I used to look up to Avril Lavigne when I was younger and was deeply let down when she went mainstream and dyed her hair bleach blonde. Now though I think she’s great haha. I guess at the moment I’m looking up to anyone who is passionate about MMA and is keen to teach as well as learn. I’m also very appreciative of all the new bloggers material I’m reading recently. Serious talent!

10. What is one thing you can’t live without?

Ahhh okay. I guess this one is harder than it seems because there are probably a lot of things I couldn’t live without and wouldn’t realise it until it was taken away from me haha. I hate to admit it but I couldn’t live without some form of technology. My laptop broke a few months ago and then so did my phone – I was lost in limbo. I hate the fact that we are all so dependent on technology so I’ve cut down a huge amount. The only time I’m online now is for checking WordPress and if I want to watch something. I’ve read and studied on the affects that technology is having on us and it ain’t pretty!

11. And the most important, what is your favourite thing about yourself?

This question is definitely going to cause an inner self loathing for people. I was always brought up to love myself and love everyone around me. I’ve never been a nasty person and I have always given people the benefit of the doubt. I judge people from my own accord instead of listening to little earwigs and what they want me to believe. I guess I love my ability to laugh at absolutely anything and everything. I even have a bloody tattoo on the side of my body saying “laugh”. I show people it and guess what happens? They laugh! Don’t judge the tattoo either, I got it when I was 15 and thought it was a great idea!


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Irish Raindrops



Today I dressed in worn out black jeans, a T-shirt that reads “Bored in the USA” and went to work. The day was heavy and it weighed hard on your shoulders. Although there was no sunshine on my route to work, people around me (including myself) were glowing in sweat across their wrinkled foreheads. The clouds hung dull and lifeless after two weeks of slender sunshine spilling its rays all over Ireland. As you may have heard, us Irish people never really experience true heat from the sun. We usually live our days complaining about the rain and how we never get good weather. This is evident for nearly every day of Irish weather – and yet we still haven’t gotten used to it.

It had gotten to the stage where I was wondering when the rain would ever return. As I previously mentioned, we do not experience this kind of heat in Ireland; or good weather in general. So it started to change us. I don’t remember the last time I wore a dress without tights and felt happily content in doing so. No, this weather was euphoric. Not today however, today was different. Some appeared to be drained by the thick presence of the humidity levels while others skipped around in their shorts and their tank tops hopeful of the suns arrival.

When I finished work I had all of the intents of buying a new book. I left my building and thought I would need an inhaler it was that difficult to breathe. The clouds themselves felt as though they were penetrating my lungs with hot air. It felt as though the very core of our planet was cracking through the seems, its lava about to erupt and become one with the sun.I had to sit down and prepare myself for this musky walk to my bus.

As I continued on my way I felt slight wetness dropping on my arms. Not enough to call rain, but there was definitely something happening. The drops landed on my skin warm, they had passed through our atmosphere and were heated by Dublin city. I brushed the drops off and didn’t think much more about it. I went into a shop to top up my Leap card (travel card for public transport) and heard elderly women asking one another if they brought their umbrellas – sure enough they had. I poked my head out of the shop door and it was as if the Gods above had heard my thoughts. The heavens had opened with a mighty clash. Heavy, speedy, cold rain drops were puncturing the soil like it had missed the Irish ground.

I left the shop, no hood, no umbrella, just a Tshirt. Just then a group of boys all dressed in colourful summer shorts and sunglasses started to laugh and cheer that the rain had arrived. People were exchanging smiles to one another at the boys reaction.Not one person was dry as the rain swept everyone off their feet. My hair was dripping and others make up was running. In my mind I knew at that moment that we as Irish people belong in this atmosphere. I could not stop smiling at how everyone’s attitude instantly had changed in the heart of Dublin city. A couple didn’t bother to cover their heads from the rain, instead they danced in it. They danced like we were in a country where rainfall was a luxury. They danced like they had been waiting for rain all of their lives. They danced to the joyous occasion that was always there.

And of course, in days to come, everyone will forget this moment. The moment that rain returned to Ireland only after about ten days of being absent. People will continue to complain about our crappy weather. Yet in my heart, I will always remember the smiles that Irish raindrops brought.

Deceptive Dust


I have been engulfed by these deep sensations,

Trickling through my soul like a meditation,

Where have the sane ones vanished,

Under a rock – no, yet a different planet.

Will I ever speak much sense?

To those who feel the worth and those who repent

For miseries yet to feel,

I will cherish the moments that I realise were real.


Never yet shall I fall,

Only to appear softly on clouds to whisper

“My mind hath never rested, and now I lull”.


Calm my soul and my brain like a deep sea yet to claim

I will stand on this earth and take what is mine,

For the night is near and so shall we.

Although I stand my soul shall flea,

I cry ‘atop the mountain peak,

“Where O where shall I appear? God above I hold you so dear.

Yet could it be us, your creations, that you fear?

Come, please, come! Show me that you are tangible

And I will fall to your grace and make myself untangled.”


Waiting for something that compares to air.

Not evident to the eye but there to the skin,

Never will I witness your touch or your caress,

I will choose to stay in total bliss.