Deceptive Dust


I have been engulfed by these deep sensations,

Trickling through my soul like a meditation,

Where have the sane ones vanished,

Under a rock – no, yet a different planet.

Will I ever speak much sense?

To those who feel the worth and those who repent

For miseries yet to feel,

I will cherish the moments that I realise were real.


Never yet shall I fall,

Only to appear softly on clouds to whisper

“My mind hath never rested, and now I lull”.


Calm my soul and my brain like a deep sea yet to claim

I will stand on this earth and take what is mine,

For the night is near and so shall we.

Although I stand my soul shall flea,

I cry ‘atop the mountain peak,

“Where O where shall I appear? God above I hold you so dear.

Yet could it be us, your creations, that you fear?

Come, please, come! Show me that you are tangible

And I will fall to your grace and make myself untangled.”


Waiting for something that compares to air.

Not evident to the eye but there to the skin,

Never will I witness your touch or your caress,

I will choose to stay in total bliss.